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How to Use Basket Planters?

How to Use Basket Planters?

Planting your favorite plants in baskets made out of natural date palm leaves seems like a delightful and cost-effective way to display them. Woven baskets that primarily intend to store and even act as decorative pieces can be useful as cache pots for houseplants. It is not difficult to use them as containers. However, these require some preparation before getting packed with your indoor plants. The following article will advise some helpful tips and techniques for utilizing woven baskets as planters.


1. Keep the planters from getting wet

To begin with, keeping your planters from getting wet and dry as much as possible is the first and the most crucial factor to keep in mind. If your basket planter gets soaked up or absorbs too much moisture, they are more prone to deteriorating quicker. And if they remain wet most of the time, chances are that there could be fungus growing on it which will gradually ruin your planter. 

Thus, keep them as dry as possible.

However, you can prevent this by purchasing house plants that require less water and save you the time and effort needed for other delicate plants requiring high maintenance. A few drought-tolerant plants include Cacti and Sansevieri that do not require a lot of attention. Another similar factor that can help in the long-term use of your basket planters is opting for shallow root plants that only necessitate mild watering. These may include Calilisia and Tradescantia plants. 


2. Using loose potting material

Furthermore, using loose potting norms that consist of peat, perlite, or charcoal bits as a medium while avoiding the use of clay or compacting particles that may drain moisture more rapidly. This factor will leave you to water the plants more often and eventually drain through the planter material resulting in a putrefied one. You must avoid heavy potting mixtures and gardening soil since they tend to get overly packed shortly for plants to thrive.

However, if you wish to avoid this concern at the most, you can place a plastic plate at the bottom or base of the planter befitting in your plant. It will help you store water and effortlessly replace it anytime you desire. On the other hand, another advantage this factor holds is that you are free to change or replace your plants and decor set up as you like. 


3. Using a semi-hydroponic setup as a reservoir for indoor plants

Using a semi-hydroponic setup within another pot that acts as a reservoir having no drainage holes can help your planter go a long way. You can place this whole setup into your basket planter and not fret about watering your plants now and then. These semi hydroponic systems work as efficiently by allowing minute control in maintaining the temperature and pH value of the plant while also providing sufficient exposure to nutrients and water. In simple words, it provides the plants with exactly what it needs. 


4. Using protective coats and sealants

On the other hand, thick baskets sustain for a longer duration. Applying a single coating or two of clear protective spray or wood varnish to the basket can also help it endure more. Nevertheless, before instilling the plant, make sure that the sealant is completely dried. 


5. Dry your planter

Whipping the planter to maintain moisture and prevent soil loss is a precaution to partake in after watering the plants. Using any microfiber cloth to dab off the water will do the job. 

Final Thoughts

Baskets made up of natural date palm leaves are ideal plant baskets for exhibiting your favorite houseplants that add more beauty to your home. You may place them all over your house, and their trendy and sophisticated look will serve as a stunning center of attention as soon as somebody enters the home.

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