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Meet Artizenway, we work with gifted artisans from rural Pakistan to craft and sell artworks that uplift their livelihoods and communities. We collaborate with the artisans, designing each piece and sourcing sustainable raw materials. Pieces are sold directly to you enabling us to provide high quality pieces at a reasonable price.



Mass production has turned creators to manufacturers, pieces to products, and people to consumers. Some traditional crafts are at risk or critically endangered while many have already been forgotten. Artizenway’s goal is to revive dying arts globally and to reconnect ourselves with the ingenuity of our ancestors. 



Artizenway promotes artisans of developing countries because climate change disproportionately impacts them around the world. The team’s passion is to rejuvenate native handmade crafts from economically disadvantaged and remote villages, providing a sustainable livelihood to artisans who don’t have the resources to sell their craft online. 

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Traditional crafts foster a deep connection with our cultural roots, increasing all aspects of one’s well-being as it brings calmness to our lives.

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 We are driven to see a world that feels whole through adopting actions that are sustainable and that support a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of animals, people, and land.

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We are committed to fair wages and good working environments. We celebrate crafts, their origins, and the artisans behind them, and believe that everyone should have access to learn these crafts.

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